Hi, How are You Review

I’m fine, thank you! ‘Hi, How are You’ is one of the very first 3D platformers in the App Store (and has the most polite name). It is actually as much a ‘color all the blocks’ as it is a 3D platformer.


The gameplay of Hi, How are You is fairly simple- you roll, jump, and hop to color  green blocks. Once all the green blocks are colored, you can precede to the red end point and end the level. In each level there are hidden red blocks to color for extra points.

Gameplay rating: 9/10


Hi, How are You features very intuitive controls. There are two control schemes- accelerometer, and joystick. Personally, I like joystick, but both methods are very good. The camera can be annoying, but it is good for the most part. Overall, the controls are some of the best I have seen in a 3D iPhone game.

Controls rating: 9.5/10


The artwork and music in Hi, How Are You are very good! As you can see from the screenshots, the artwork is simple, yet good. All the music is very professional, done by Daniel Johnston himself, the inspiration for the game.

Artwork/Music rating: 10/10


Overall, Hi, How Are You is a hidden gem. With many levels, good controls and music, you can’t go wrong.

iTunes Link: Hi, How Are You, Hi, How Are You Lite

Price: 99¢

Developer: DrFunFun LLC & Smashing Studios LLC

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