SB’s Review: Meritum Paint!

Meritum Paint

My favorite finger paint app on the itunes store is FREE. It goes by the name Meritum Paint. This paint app is really unique. Rather than providing users with a palette of colors and different tools for painting, the only button this app has is the screen. Simply tap on the screen and your the path of your finger becomes a fountain of thin streams of paint. The paint runs across the screen leaving behind a trail of colorful delight. Although this is not the app for a serious artist, it will amuse any and all ages. With each picture coming out as its own work of art, it is my favorite finger paint app.
The mechanism behind it is that when you touch the screen paint shoots out from the spot that you touch. As you drag your finger along the screen, a stream of branching out paint is produced. The color automatically changes as your finger runs across the screen.


1. I would like the ability to choose the color. Although it is cool how the color gradually changes, some colors just don’t go together and sometimes I just want to mix certain color to see how they would look together. Therefore, an optional color palette would be a cool addition.
2. When you double tap the screen the screen is cleared and when you shake the idevice the image is saved. I think that shaking the device should lead to the screnn being cleared since the device can easily take screenshots by combo tapping the homebutton and on/off button and holding for a second.
3. It would also be interesting if you could choose smaller streams of paint so users would be able to write words across the across the screen, like their name.
However, even if these suggestions never get addressed, I still think that this is an app worth a look. And for the all time low price of free, why not?

-SB (This is a different reviewer I am working with and although I am posting the reviews I will differentiate my reviews’ from SB’s reviews by signing it for him)

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