Orbital Review

Orbital is a game I would suggest to anyone I know. Bitforge ltd’s Orbital is a great physics based challenge. You are in control of the cannon at the bottom of the screen. The cannon head continuously goes back and forth which will change the direction of its firings. Each cannon firing produces a ball that slides across the grid and where it stops it results in a circled number. The ball displays realistic physics as it bounces off the wall and grows to a weighted size based on where it lands on the grid. To score points you have to make other balls hit into the numbers already on the screen. Each ball immediately once produced becomes a three. Each consecutive time you get another number to hit it the number within the circle will be reduced. When the number is hit 3 times, it results in the circle disappearing and one point it game. Sounds simple enough, right? Just one rule: don’t allow the ball to be knocked backwards into the canon’s area. This is a really easy rule to follow until the screen is so cluttered with differently sized numbers. There are all sorts of strategies that you will have to figure out to get high scores because random firings just won’t work in this game.
The game is made to be very colorful with each numbered circle being a different color. The graphics are quite polished and the music is nice.


The only thing I could think of to make this game even better was if perhaps the point system was a little different. Although this does not affect the gameplay at all, I think only scoring one point for each number removed is not the best point system for such a wonderful game. I think clearing two numbers in one turn, hitting two or more numbers in one turn and clearing and hitting in one turn should be rewarded. Also the rare times when you get a brand new number three all the way down to zero in one turn should be rewarded as well.
The game comes in with three different types of play modes, two player modes and leader boards. The game is only 1.99 and there is a lite version available for all that would like a see the game in action before actually buying.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/orbital/id324012853?mt=8

Developer: Bitforge LTD

Price: $1.99


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