“Gordon” – Flash with JavaScript!

So you’ve always wanted flash on the iPhone, right? Well, Apple rejected Adobe’s idea :(, but is that the end of Flash Player on the iPhone? Tobias Schneider may save the day! What is he working on? It isn’t flash for iPhone. Now, I know your going to be asking, “HOW DOES THIS RELATE TO THE IPHONE THEN????” Tobias Schneider is working on Gordon, converting Flash movies into JavaScript and SVG! JavaScript works on the iPhone, no? Visit http://paulirish.com/work/gordon/demos/blue.html to see the demo of Gordon working to convert a flash file (SWF) into JavaScript on your iPhone! Keep your eyes open, hopefully, soon we can see Gordon develop into more than just a demo!

For more demos, visit http://paulirish.com/work/gordon/demos/. These all work on your computer as well as your iPhone! What are your views on this? How do you think this could be used? Comment your ideas!

-Sunrise Moon

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