Freeappaday – Kryzer

Today’s free app is Kryzer!


Fasten your seatbelts for KRYZER, a whole new stunning gaming experience for iPhone and iPod touch!
KRYZER is different, KRYZER is fast, KRYZER will blow your mind!
With only minimal input movements, it’s your job to control the flight path of an inter-dimensional cyberspace glider as it confronts endless foes in a 360° field of play.
KRYZER combines arcade action and innovation and generates a whole new gaming ambience!
A banging electronic soundtrack and stylish 2D graphics round up the whole experience.

iTunes Link: Kryzer

Developer: FDG Entertainment


2 responses to “Freeappaday – Kryzer

  1. DUDE?!?!?!? SUP?!?!?!? LONG TIME NO SEE!!! I got a blog at and i know everything about macs ipods and iphones!!

  2. Hey sunrise! I would really like to work here! I have an iMac Iphone Ipod and i make apps on mac and i am working on 3D animations soon!

    Sunrise Moon: Hey, Lecraeman! You learned Objective-C? That’s awesome! Can you write reviews for iPhone apps?

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