Freeappaday – iBomber

Hi! Today’s free app is iBomber!


What the Rave reviews said,

“Oustanding”, 148apps, 5 Stars.

“Lots of stages and objectives. You’ll get your money’s worth”, IGN.

“The game resonates with true craft musically and visually”, AppGamer.

“Simple but with depth if you want to do more than complete the mission objectives, iBomber is an enjoyable mix of smooth controls and arcade action”, PocketGamer.


What you said,

“This game is utter brilliance!!” by Angrypandaman.

“Awesome gameplay and controls” by R3VI3R.

“One of the best games I have played on the iPhone” by Magoo222.

“This is a brill game – get it” by Will 13578042.

iBomber is an amazing, arcade styled bombing game based in the Pacific Ocean in 1943.

You play a young bomber pilot protecting your fleet whilst searching out key enemy targets on land and sea to destroy!

iBomber will immediately transport you into the thick of the action with multiple missions offering a great variety of gameplay, excitement and entertainment.

New Missions and to be added as future updates.

– 14 action packed missions.
– OS 3.0 Play your iTunes Music in-game.
– Super smooth game-play.
– Amazingly detailed graphics.
– Multiple bomb types and pick-ups.
– Amazing audio and 3D spatial sound.
– The satisfaction of blowing everything up!

Recommended for fans of – iFighter, iGuerilla, PapiMissile

See iBomber in action at –

iTunes Link: iBomber

Developer: Cobra Mobile

By the way, expect a review of Guerrilla Bob soon 😉


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