The Apple Tablet is Out! The iPad!

Hey, everyone! The iPad (or Apple Tablet) is out! We all saw it coming, didn’t we? The iPad appears to be simply a bigger and slightly improved iPhone/iPod Touch. It is running iPhone OS 3.2 beta. You can see the iPad video here.


15 responses to “The Apple Tablet is Out! The iPad!

  1. YES YES YES!!!!!! I WAS WATCHING MACWORLDS TWITTER FEED!!!! Hey idk if you look at the comments any more but i have asked alot of times asking to work here! I would do stuff like games and apps for mac and stuff!! I LOVE APPLE!!! PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!

    Sunrise Moon: I believe it is you who does not read the comments anymore. Check the last comment you posted.

  2. Heeyy Sunrise! Long time no see ! 🙂

    I’m doing my Science Project on the iPad , we have to do current science so, yuppers.

  3. It’s alright, just a giant iPod Touch if you ask me.

    TONNES of people say it’s terrible! And it sorta is!

  4. WOW!!!! U SOMETIMES ARE SOOOO DUMB!!! ITS AWESOME!!! EVEN IF IT WAS EXACTLY LIKE THE IPHONE ITS STILL AWESOME!!! Besides everyone is only complaining cus it dont have a camera yet!


  6. Holy I was just sharing my opinion and they don’t even have social features like sharing pictures and videos in emails yet!

  7. someone has definitely miss informed you!!!!!

  8. someone has misinformed you !

    Apple is a misinformanation ? Naw, didn’t think so .

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