Alien Swing; Swinging into the appstore February 5th

Heres the trailer!

I’ve been playing with it a bit early and I can tell you it will satisfy all your swinging needs! a full review coming soon.


The Apple Tablet is Out! The iPad!

Hey, everyone! The iPad (or Apple Tablet) is out! We all saw it coming, didn’t we? The iPad appears to be simply a bigger and slightly improved iPhone/iPod Touch. It is running iPhone OS 3.2 beta. You can see the iPad video here.

Freeappaday – iBomber

Hi! Today’s free app is iBomber!


What the Rave reviews said,

“Oustanding”, 148apps, 5 Stars.

“Lots of stages and objectives. You’ll get your money’s worth”, IGN.

“The game resonates with true craft musically and visually”, AppGamer.

“Simple but with depth if you want to do more than complete the mission objectives, iBomber is an enjoyable mix of smooth controls and arcade action”, PocketGamer.


What you said,

“This game is utter brilliance!!” by Angrypandaman.

“Awesome gameplay and controls” by R3VI3R.

“One of the best games I have played on the iPhone” by Magoo222.

“This is a brill game – get it” by Will 13578042.

iBomber is an amazing, arcade styled bombing game based in the Pacific Ocean in 1943.

You play a young bomber pilot protecting your fleet whilst searching out key enemy targets on land and sea to destroy!

iBomber will immediately transport you into the thick of the action with multiple missions offering a great variety of gameplay, excitement and entertainment.

New Missions and to be added as future updates.

– 14 action packed missions.
– OS 3.0 Play your iTunes Music in-game.
– Super smooth game-play.
– Amazingly detailed graphics.
– Multiple bomb types and pick-ups.
– Amazing audio and 3D spatial sound.
– The satisfaction of blowing everything up!

Recommended for fans of – iFighter, iGuerilla, PapiMissile

See iBomber in action at –

iTunes Link: iBomber

Developer: Cobra Mobile

By the way, expect a review of Guerrilla Bob soon 😉

January 27 Event Today!

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to remind you that the January 27 event by Apple is today! I’m nearly positive Apple will be unveiling the Apple Tablet! If you want live updates on what’s going on during the event, follow Gizmodo on Twitter! Later, when the event is over, I’ll make a post about it.

Freeappaday – Crazy Snowboard

Hi, everyone! Today’s free app is Crazy Snowboard, from! Enjoy!

App info:

Get ready for some wicked-cool 3D snowboarding action on your iPhone!

Crazy Snowboard has something for everyone:

– Eye-popping 3D graphics
– 30 missions (more than 30 Plus+ leaderboards)
– More than 60 Plus+ awards to earn
– 13 riders to unlock
– 13 boards to unlock
– 16 touch-activated in-air tricks to unlock
– Grinding: rails, boxes, logs, candycanes!
– Smashable obstacles: zombies, snowmen, elves!
– Intuitive controls – really feels like you are boarding!
– Quick pick-up-and-play
– 4 endless free-ride tracks
– Hours of challenging game-play

Waiting for a bus? Stuck in line? No matter where you are, now you can hit the slopes! Just fire up Crazy Snowboard, tilt your device left and right to steer and you’re there!

Ready for some massive airs? Just touch the screen (anywhere) hold down and you’ll crouch ready to spring. Release your touch on top of a ramp and you’ll get a huge boost. Then link your tricks together to increase your multiplier and score big.

How about some grinding? We’ve got rails, boxes, logs, candycanes (yes, candycanes!) all ready for your grinding pleasure. See how many you can link together to ramp up your bonus multiplier and boost your score.

Featuring more than 60 Plus+ awards and 30 global leaderboards you’ll be able to go head-to-head against your friends to see who is the Crazy Snowboard champion!

iTunes Link: Crazy Snowboard


Soldier Of War (iHooy)- Why am I so addicted?

When you ask me to tell you what kind of game iHooy! is all I can do is sit there and say nothing because this game is so difficult to explain, that you have to play it to understand it.

In iHooy the goal is to defend your fort from “bombiez” who are attacking. You defend your fort by smashing the bombiez which is done by pressing 2 buttons; one on the right, and the other on the left. The second and not nearly as important goal is to save people by opening the doors to the fort because if you don’t they run into a spiked wall. The game gets progressively more challenging and the challenge curve is to steep in my opinion so you’ll be stuck on the second country (Greenlandia) for some time

first stage in Bralasca

iHooy is beautifully hand drawn game with unique comic book style art. the game does have its fair share of graphical glitches though. The main and most annoying glitch is the bombiez flicker when the reach a certain part of the screen this really distracts you from extremely challenging gameplay and has messed me up a few times. iHooy also features an art gallery which you collect as you progress in the game

the sound in iHooy is spot on! The music has the correct amount of epicness mixed with comedy to keep you coming back, in fact I came back to the game a few times just to hear the music. the sound effects on the other hand are good but I think they sound low quality compared to the music make some inconsistency in the sound.

Controls are very responsive and work really well but I wished the levers were a little bigger when I played it for the first time, but after becoming a veteran it didn’t bother me at all.

Final judgment:
iHooy is a great game with some funny dialog [“one guy got so scared he shit bricks”], socially awkward story, great music, and nice art. The gameplay becomes repetitive and tedious after the first 2 countries but its the little details that make this game great that get me to keep coming back.


iTunes Link: Soldier of war (iHooy)

Developer Link: Braineaters


Freeappaday – Kryzer

Today’s free app is Kryzer!


Fasten your seatbelts for KRYZER, a whole new stunning gaming experience for iPhone and iPod touch!
KRYZER is different, KRYZER is fast, KRYZER will blow your mind!
With only minimal input movements, it’s your job to control the flight path of an inter-dimensional cyberspace glider as it confronts endless foes in a 360° field of play.
KRYZER combines arcade action and innovation and generates a whole new gaming ambience!
A banging electronic soundtrack and stylish 2D graphics round up the whole experience.

iTunes Link: Kryzer

Developer: FDG Entertainment